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Who is holding your information ?


The information you have given Cora is securely kept by the principal of the school and the administrator. All relevant information such as names, emergency contact numbers and medical issues are accessible to class teachers in case of emergency. We do not permit copying or sharing of data by our staff.


Where do we get Data from ?


We only hold data given to us by the parent/guardian. Information is collected on the registration and consent forms in hard copy and/or via emails. This data is then transferred to our main data base, following which only relevant data is available for class teachers. (see above)

We only keep data that is relevant to running the school, and to enter the children and adults for examinations, festivals and productions such as dance shows.


Why do we need this Data ?


We need detailed data to enter candidates for recognised examinations with examination boards. When minors are in any public performance this data is also shared with local authorities in order to comply with child safeguarding.


Do we share this Data ?


We never pass on or share data we hold without consent. We do not sell data.

We reserve the right ro pass on data if we suspect child safeguarding issues.

Your child’s/your data is held in strictest confidence. We will actively ask for your consent to share data. We only share data with organising bodies such as the above who also comply with GDPR.

How long do we retain data ?


We will keep and update records for as long as you and/or your child dances with Cora Theatre Arts, or while your account is still open. Upon leaving we can either delete your data, or you can optionlly stay with us as one of our friends, and recieve updates.


Photos and Video recording.

We actively ask for your consent to use photos and videos on a separate consent form.

To see what we hold on you ?


Under the new regulations you have the right to know what information we hold on you/your child. Just send an email to and we will download what we have and send it to you. If you believe we hold information that we should not be holding, or it is out of date, or incorrect, please let us know so we can take the appropriate action.


Do you have a complaint ?

If you have a complaint about the way we are handling you information, please let us know or request the data removal as appropriate.


The nominated members of staff at Cora Theatre Arts dealing with data related issues until the next review are ;


Angela Michie -  Principal

Sophie Unwin -  Administrator 

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